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Knowing Where To Tap

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Ebook Details
Title: Knowing Where To Tap: Identify The Areas Of Profit & Loss In Your Business
Author: Andy Henry
File Size: 956kb Unzipped.
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Number of Pages: 57
Subject: Knowing Where To Tap explains methods for conducting market research for an existing business or prior to starting a business.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter Two: Research 101
Chapter 3: The Internet Marketer’s Research Essentials
Chapter 4: Metrics, Measurements, and Tracking
Chapter 5: Situational Examples
Resources: Favorites
Resources: Niche Research
Resources: Public Domain


Knowing Where To Tap is an intelligent, well-written ebook about conducting market research for starting an online business. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve read a better written ebook than this. It contains no hype or fluff–a welcome relief from most ebooks I slog through. I did spot one typo, and paragraph headings are often separated from their paragraphs by untimely pagebreaks, but those are minor technical quibbles.

Andy Henry shows advanced methods to conduct market research using Google, teaches basic keyword research, explains the various aspects of market data and how it will affect your business, and how to analyze the competition. One of the best parts of the ebook is a simple flow-chart that guides your research steps before making a product or business launch–even when you have no particular product or business idea to start with.

In the first chapter of Knowing Where To Tap, Andy Henry explains why you need to conduct market research for your online business. “If you’re building an online business, research is the foundation upon which your company stands,” he says. He outlines several results of market research, such as identifying potential customers and the best ways to reach them, finding out whether a market is large enough to sustain a business, or even if a market even exists. “Being able to match your marketing to real customer needs and expectations will have a substantial difference in the results of your marketing efforts,” he says. The second chapter touches on various methods of conducting market research and the upsides and downsides to each.

The third chapter details how to use Google for online market research, starting with basic searches and moving to advanced searches into Google’s index. I personally wasn’t aware of many of Google’s advanced search engines, such as Google US Government Search at Andy explains how to do basic keyword research, and details the kind of websites you should frequent, monitor and/or study on an ongoing basis. He says blogs, for instance, “are generally great sources of current information and conversations about what’s hot, what’s coming soon, and what’s popular.”

In the fourth chapter, Andy explains market data elements such as market size, market accessibility, market width and depth, and macro and micro environments. He explains how to use search engine data to guide your marketing efforts, determine how your product should be packaged and delivered, and how to analyze your competition. “Find out as much as you can about what they’re doing and look for weak areas that you can silently dominate” he writes.

The fifth chapter contains the flow-chart that guides your research steps, and the remaining segments are comprised of online resources to aid in your research and marketing efforts.

This isn’t the end-all, be-all ebook about conducting market research, but it will definitely get you started if the idea of “market research” confuses or scares you. Performing the easy steps outlined will help you narrow your focus onto the most winning product and help you avoid costly business mistakes and ineffectual marketing campaigns.

Knowing Where To Tap is unfortunately not available for download here. It sells for $37, which I think is a bit pricy despite my glowing review. If I had my druthers, I’d sell it for around $9.97. Alas, it isn’t up to me.

However, there’s a discount code to get 10% off the original price (making it $33.30). Just go to the sell page at and enter the code DU01AB at the checkout page.