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findmeimyours   Here’s the latest in the digital age of books: the CLICK LIT® novel. Find Me I’m Yours (RosettaBooks eBook; November 3, 2014; $6.99) is an ever-expanding, multi-platform creation that invites you to, “Join One Girl’s Hunt for Love in a Transmedia World.” 

Find Me I’m Yours was written by award-winning author Hillary Carlip (who has appeared on Ellen and Oprah) and co-created, directed, and produced by Golden Globe-winner Maxine Lapiduss (Roseanne, Ellen, Dharma & Greg, Home Improvement, and currently Disney Channel’s Jessie).

In Find Me I’m Yours, Mags Marclay is an offbeat and wry 24-year-old struggling artist living in Los Angeles who, through a serendipitous turn of events, is led on a treasure hunt to find her soul mate. 

Become immersed in Mags’ world through original artwork, handwritten lists, graphics, and Instagram-style photos within the book. Go even deeper into the Find Me I’m Your universe by clicking on embedded links that lead to interactive content that’s expertly woven into the story.

Click here to view the book trailer.

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