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So you’ve just plunked down $37 for a fab new marketing ebook that will teach you the secrets of how to make gobs of money on the internet. You’ve downloaded the ebook and read it eagerly, only to find it full of hype and fluff. The only thing you’ve learned is how easy it is to part a fool from his (or her) money.

I’ve been there, done that. My name is Lynne Mickley, and I have downloaded dozens of internet marketing related ebooks, many of which weren’t worth the space they occupied on my computer. I’ve wasted both time and money–and yet, I still can’t help wanting to buy more. 🙂  So one day after I’d bought yet another disappointing ebook, I decided to help others avoid my mistakes.

I created eBook Reviews Online to help you determine whether an ebook is worth buying–or if it’s a freebie, whether it’s even worth your time to read. Most of the reviews will be internet marketing ebook reviews, since that’s the topic I buy most often.

 This isn’t like most ebook review sites, which don’t really give reviews of ebooks, but instead are just sell-pages hiding behind fake objectivity. Yes, I do offer many reviewed ebooks for download, but I give my honest opinion about them first, and my review of an ebook will determine the price I sell it for. If I think the ebook is crap (and I often paid good money for that crap), I’ll offer it for free so if you want to waste your time downloading and reading it for yourself, you can certainly do so.

If I think an ebook is worth a few bucks, I’ll charge for its download. After all, I need to earn enough to keep buying ebooks to review. 🙂  But sometimes I won’t have resell rights to an ebook. In that case, I’ll provide a link to where it can be downloaded or purchased. And, occasionally an ebook will be beyond my current budget, but if I’ve found a truly objective review on another website, I’ll provide a link to that review instead. To learn more about how I review ebooks, click here.

If you’ve read an ebook I’ve reviewed, you can add your own review–and if you disagree with me, no problem! To add a review, just add a “Comment” at the end of my review. Or submit a review here. Click here for my Review Guidelines.

Want me to review your ebook, software, or script? Read my guidelines here.

Coming soon–software reviews, script reviews, and get-rich-quick-scheme reviews! And in the future I will also offer ebook comparisons; for instance, confronted with two similar ebooks, which ebook is best to buy?