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I review mainly on readability and whether or not the author delivers on promises made. For instance, if the ebook is about selling on eBay, it should obviously explain how to sell on eBay. If it promises to tell me secrets about eBay selling, it should tell me little-known tips that you can’t easily find in the eBay help pages. And, it should provide tips that aren’t illegal, immoral, or fattening. (The last one is acceptable if I’m reviewing a recipe ebook that doesn’t proport to contain healthy recipes. 🙂 )

 If I have implemented tips gleened from an ebook, I will then add to the review whether or not the tips resulted in me making gobs of money, increased my traffic, made me lose 50 pounds, instilled world peace, or whatever the ebook promised to do.

I use two terms quite often in my reviews:

Hype: Ebook sell-pages are typically full of hype; statements telling you the benefits you’ll reap from buying the ebook. This is fine, they’re trying to entice you to buy. What annoys me is when the ebook itself is also full of promises about what you’ll gain from reading it instead of just jumping in and presenting the information itself. For example,

 “After reading this ebook, your traffic will increase by 500%. Customers will be begging to buy your product, and soon you’ll be able to sit back and just watch the money flow into your PayPal account.” 

Listen bub, you already promised me this; it’s why I bought your stupid ebook. You don’t need to sell it to me all over again. That’s Hype. Fluff: Fluff is similar to hype. Fluff statements fill up space without saying anything. Often they’re long-winded explanations of what you’re going to be told instead of actually telling you. For example,

“In Chapter One I’ll detail how I increased my income by 500% in one month, and in Chapter Two I’ll show how you can do the same.” 

Just put it in a Table of Contents, already. Don’t waste space telling me what’s coming. What’s even worse is when authors waste space with inane comments such as:

“You may be asking how you, too, can earn gobs of money. That’s something you need to know, and I’ll now list the methods you should use.” 

That’s Fluff.