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My First Blog Tour!

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I’ve heard of blog tours for authors before, but never quite knew how they worked. Well, there’s no better way to learn than by doing! So I’ve jumped right in and am a stop along the way for Tomi Akinyanmi, author of A Worthy Legacy. She kindly wrote to me about the process of publishing her book:

I didn’t realize that publishing a book was such a tedious task. I actually believed that the toughest part would be sitting to write. It wasn’t until I got down to the publishing part that it occurred to me that the writing was the easiest part of making a book.

Perhaps it was because it was the first time I would be doing this or perhaps it was the fact that I had three little ones to deal with during the day and the only time I could dedicate to this project was the time between when I got my babies to bed and the time it took me to get sleepy afterwards. I don’t really know which it was but I do know that it’s been quite a challenge. I must confess though that seeing “A Worthy Legacy” finally in print does give me a thrill.

Being a novice, I needed to do a lot of research and find information with regards to the book business. What this means is that for the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time surfing the internet and reading all the articles I could find on authoring, publishing as well as marketing. I also picked up some books in my quest to learn all I needed to know. However, learning the whole process has been more tedious than I have imagined. Between cleaning up the house once the children are off to dreamland and getting the stuff for the next day ready in addition to learning the book business, I‘ve gotten little or no sleep most nights since I started the publishing project.

From obtaining an ISBN to getting the manuscript edited while working with an overseas designer to design the cover and finally sending the competed text off to the printers, it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed working with my designer mainly because she was someone who took pride in her work. Because she was more concerned about the outcome of the project than the timing, she applied herself and that put us on the same wavelength. It was as much fun for me to work with her as it was for her to do the job which I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed. I felt I had chosen the right person for the job. Also seeing the responses to the cover tells me I was not wrong about this. What I learned from this is that “it pays to work with people who take pride in what they do”.

Anyway back to the book business, so far it seems that every new level is more challenging than the last. As much as I thought putting the book in print was tough I’m finding out that maybe marketing is even tougher. I am yet to make up my mind which part of the process of creating a book is the easiest. However, I can pretty much say that I’ve learned so much about this business now that I know the next time around, it would be much easier. For anyone out there considering self publishing, here’s what I can tell you – when you are new to the game, publishing is not easy but it sure is a lot of fun especially if you love to learn new things.

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Tomi Akinyanmi is the author of A Worthy Legacy, winner of the Silver Award in the Inspirational/Spiritual Category of The Young Voices Foundation’s 2009 Young Voices Award, Second position in the Inspirational/Spiritual Category of the 2008 Reader Views Literary Award, Second position in the Young Adult Non-fiction category of the 2008 Reader Views Literary Award, and Top Book Awards by Black Pearls Magazine sponsored by EDC Creations.

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