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  Chasing The Dawn is the brand new powerhouse Luke Temple thriller following on from his Amazon best seller The Shadow of Medea; Flynn delivers his trademark action and twists in equal force, leading to a masterful conclusion that will leave you reeling.

Teramo, Italy; A world renown physicist goes missing from the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. He is responsible for heading up a cutting edge experiment known as OPERA, a joint venture with CERN that is shrouded in mystery. The authorities are met with nothing but silence. Luke Temple does not officially exist, he works for a covert intelligence organisation known only as Group 9. He is dispatched to Italy to carry out a routine operation; investigate the sudden disappearance of Professor Ernesto Vittorio. The operation appears standard, an easy task for a man of Temple’s ability. But in the dark world he inhabits nothing is ever as it seems, and he soon discovers that the disappearance of the professor is part of a much darker threat. This time Temple will need every bit of strength and skill he possesses to stop a threat so powerful it could alter the entire world as we know it….

James Flynn’s, Chasing The Dawn, is available now on Amazon Kindle and Kobo Books