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Ebook Details
Title: The Ultimate SuperTip: Harvel Segal Reveals His Unmissable Number One Guru Secret
Author: Harvey Segal
File Size: 1.16MB Unzipped.
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Number of Pages: 38
Subject: Easy, free ways to promote a product online.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: How to Sell ANY product
Chapter 3: The Ingenious Twist
Chapter 4: Tools To Help You
Chapter 5: The Amazing Viral Bonus
Price: $0

The Ultimate SuperTip is a fast read, and provides a few tips on promoting products online, such as offering free ebooks and submitting related articles to ezines. There’s not much new information for experienced marketers, and not enough detail for newbies.

There’s a little fluff and some hype, but The Ultimate SuperTip makes no bones about it being a viral ebook in itself. In fact, that’s basically the entire point of the ebook; to demonstrate firsthand how a viral ebook can generate income. At the end of the ebook you have the opportunity to order a package deal for $10 in which you can promote the ebook as an affiliate thus perpetuating the viral aspect.

The Ultimate SuperTip is a freebie, and you don’t even have to give your name & email to download it, so there’s really no harm in reading it for yourself. It is a great example of the ultimate viral ebook. But if you’re looking for detailed information on promotion, this isn’t it.

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Dylan Loh's Profiting Tips

Dylan Loh's Profiting Tips

Ebook Details
Title: Dylan Loh’s Profiting Tips: How to Realistically Create Your Hands-Free Autopilot Income Stream Within 7 Days
Author: Dylan Loh
File Size: 130kb Unzipped.
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Number of Pages: 9
Subject: Article Submission and Adwords
Table of Contents: None

This ebook promises to teach you “How to Realistically Create Your Hands-Free Autopilot Income Stream Within 7 Days.” I received it as a freebie promo. If I were to sell it, I’d probably list it for $1.97. (Surprisingly, I found this free ebook to be better than the author’s previous ebook I paid $9.97 for!)

There are a few typos, probably because English is not the author’s first language. Otherwise, the report is quite readable, and contains little to no hype & fluff. The author devotes one page to an introduction, but the remaining 7 pages are pure information.

Both tips are easy to implement, especially for those who already have a website or a product to promote. Neither tip would be new to experiences webmasters, but newbies would find them useful.

Bottom line: A short read, well worth the free download to see if the tips are new to you.

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